AAMAS (Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems) 2015 Conference

I recently have had the opportunity to attend one of the most well-known and prestigious conferences in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Agents more specifically. The conference this year took place in the Congress Centre in Constantinople.

For me, it was the first conference ever I attended and I have to admit it was a wonderful experience overall. It was also the first time that I gave a talk in front of so many people, experts in the field! I was a bit shaky and nervous but everything went as planned.

My talk was allocated in the Applications session on Wednesday evening on the 6th of May 2015. I was at the conference centre early on to watch other talks. In particular, I was in Bio-inspired Approaches session. in my opinion, the very first talk was the best one in this session as the speaker got into the trouble of explaining in layman’s terms the important bits and pieces of the talk. Second on my list would be the Firefly-Inspired Synchronization in Swarms which I believe was an important concept. Specifically, it was about the way fireflies synchronize their flashing without ever explicitly communicating with each other. As the speaker noted, it is kind of the same with women’s menstrual cycle.

Other talks that got my attention was HAC-ER presented in my session (Applications) which was about a big project, joint paper among three universities (Southampton, Oxford, Nottingham) which was about enabling authorities or first responders to take better action after a major disastrous scenario like earthquake.

Beside attending friends’ talks I had the opportunity to discuss for a while with a guy working in a related area as me in the poster session. Hopefully, a collaboration can come out of this.

All in all, I hope that I will get lots of opportunities like this in the future.